Woman for Earth, the Earth for children


The life of our earth passes millions of years now. In these years we have seen a lot of events, such as births and deaths. If the earth was able to talk, it would talk about the story of its cliffs which was created layer by layer. The earth with affection accepts the man and with kindness gives him a place for living.

To Ocean said, Humans can’t breathe in the water, so allow him to live on land.

To Mountain said Human can’t live in altitude; let the plains be greater in the land.

To animals said, human needs to use your skin and meat. He is not strong but having a perfect mind. Carry his heavy things and guide him in going to remote places.

To trees said, human needs you in order to have a shelter in order to be safe and also needs fire.

These were the reasons of calling the earth, the Mother.

For having a better life, “I should do something, please help me. I have to go to the sea and a little bit fly to the sky, so help me.” Human said to the land.

The land with kindness and generosity accepted.

A little later, “for living you must help me. I need soil. I want to build a house.” Human said again.

The land as always accepted.

By making a place gradually the numbers of man increases. The human wasn’t alone any more. As the numbers increase, human needs more place for living. Each of them had a request. Some of them want mountains and plains, the others beach and forest. Till the time the first man was killed by another man.

Human destroys everything in the land. They killed each other for having a better life. They are not even kind anymore. But the land still is kind and generous, but can’t tolerate these fighting and wars no more.

Peace doesn’t mean invasion of geographical boundaries or disarmament. Now Peace means friendship, peace with Mother of Earth and appreciating the kindness and generosity of the land.

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  • Date: July 3, 2016
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