The study of the indigenous culture and civilization of the women’s education

     From the beginning, human societies consist of common collective behavior Such as the culture of storytelling. Till now the history doesn’t specified storytelling, belongs to which periods or nations. But this is definitely true that storytelling appeared after the language development. Also Iran because of its ancient civilization and cultural has a treasure of many literary stories. One of them is “Shahnameh” which is written by Abolghasem.Ferdowsi.

     This book is divided into three parts: 1.myth 2.Athletic and historical. Ferdowsi tries to remind the human morality by the use of eloquent expression in each part. At the athletic parts, telling the story of Fereidoun that how was he able to resistance against the zahak’s oppression. In this part, ferdowsi also gives a piece of advice about humanity and friendship.

     In historical part, by telling the story of “Roustam” tries to show the history of Iran completely in a way that enables the readers to imagine the story completely. The famous war in this part is the war between ‘Rostam’ and ‘sohrab’. Ferdowsi for the better perception of the story told a sad/tragic story and he showed the obscenity of war to the readers completely. If you have a look at “Shahnameh”, you can find it very easily and clearly that Ferdowsi admires peace and friendship at every part.

     These stories not only belong to Iran, but also belong to all worlds. With respect to all nations, we are telling these stories with different languages to all people because we believe culture doesn’t have boundaries and also culture and civilization have the unique and common message in every nation.

     The peace and friendship ambassadors group with ancient stories sending the message of peace and friendship to all people. They believe the earth needs peace and this peace only attains through a friendly relationship. The peace and friendship ambassadors group also believe that peace and friendship is not the disarmament that is peace among humans. If we were friendship with our cultural boundaries, we would never think about going against the geographical borders.

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