The study of the common cultures among countries and the use of them for the education of women and children

As it is cited in Wikipedia, culture has a single meaning in all countries. Culture is a logical and prevalent strategy for the solution of any real or unreal needs in a society. Culture is always like software and civilization which is a part of it is called hardware. So each society base on its own need has different cultures. But civilization is along the culture too. It means that there are many common cultures among countries because many years ago, this modern civilization hadn’t plurality and nearly three great civilizations of all societies were under its control.

What is the definition of culture?

Culture contains, Art, Literature, science, creations, philosophy and religion. Indeed culture and art in all around the world have significant role because they are the sample of the culture of each society.

The global definition of literature and art

Certainly, literature belongs to politeness, all sciences and all literary works. Art in its lexical meaning means evolution and freedom.

Literature is a kind of art. Words and materials are substances that poet and writer with the use of his/her emotions and imaginary create a literary work.

Finally, the aims of culture and civilization are: To promote the level of the society and to create an ideal and calm life for people in the society and moreover, the existence of internet, technology and many other things among society’s causes the educations very quickly transfer. All the human beings are interested in art and this is completely natural.

When Man had a civilization for the supplying of real or unreal needs of his/her societies required creating a culture. This creation needs some tools such as storytelling and painting. In ancient period, when there weren’t any languages for communicating, people by painting and drawing on rocks communicate to each other. Each of these paintings and events has its own story.

According to the researchers of universities, human beings have two inheritance agents in their DNA. One of them is physical and the other one is cultural.

Storytelling and painting through inheritance transmit to different societies. So we decide to publish a book “my story, your book and our book”, which has special prosperities and consists of both painting and storytelling.

The Peace and Friendship Ambassador groups try to publish this book and by travelling to various countries to send the message of Peace and Friendship to people all around the world.

This group consists of children that with respect to all nations, telling the stories of “Shahnameh” by different languages and also with combination of minstrelsy which is the art of Iranian in telling the fiction stories, try to send the message of peace and friendship.

This group has gone to many countries and by the message of peace and friendship has made the people to become familiar with the Iranian stories and also this may causes to arouse the children of other countries do this work for their countries.

In our study we survey the international stories and translate our books in various languages and also translate their stories in Persian language. As Mr. Marzlf said in his research, there are countless numbers of stories in the world which have the same means and contents, but due to different conditions and situations or even political issues the characteristics of the stories were changed.

One of the works of peace and friendship ambassador groups has been finding the common proverbs.

Another activity of this group is the collection of the all ancient and modern puppets of each country and trying to register them with the name of peace and friendship. The reason is that if in a country, base on any reasons (such as natural events, war and terrorism), something was happened, these puppets would send to their countries in order, not only help and conciliate them, but also ask help from the people of all the world for ceasing the war.

Hope we will be the witness of love with the thought of children, friendship with the speech of children and peace with children’s deeds in all around the world.

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