Peace & Friendship Ambassadors Group is a Non-Governmental Organization and is quite independent. This group has an educational support and a history of performing for a decade in various countries in order to send the message of peace and friendship to children in all over the world which has an ancient background in Iran.

Children literature and art projects in Iran officially began its activity in 2011. Its registration number is 3839. In the framework of this proposed project, other plans and ideas were proposed. Each of these ideas according to their implementation and possibility were performed at the international level. For example, establishment of an international group for 4 to 14 years old children which has started its activity officially with the title of ” Peace & Friendship Ambassador” in 2011. This group with respect to all people is traveling to different countries and tries to promote human culture and civilization. The group with the help of literature and stories of different countries try to display peace in various fields. We believe that peace is necessary in all fields. Peace with the Earth, Peace with heaven, peace with animals and plants. By the performance of children, we will show to the world that children and women are vulnerable and sensitive; viagra generika ohne rezept and the use of arms would jeopardize the security and safety of them. This group of people consisting of children and mothers who want to send the message of peace and friendship to everyone. It should be noted that this project is quite Non-Governmental.

Another activity of this project is publication of a book entitled “My story, your drawing, and our book”. At the end of this book, numbers of children’s drawings from all over the world were published. And the Encyclopedia of Iranian myths with the general title “Iranian stories from global perspective” will be publishing.

Another project was carried out in partnership with the intellectual development of children and young adult institution, Iranian art museum garden, literature and children’s art project in 2013 and 2014.

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