Melika Sadeghzadeh

Melika Sadeghzadeh was born on March 9, 2002 in Tehran, Iran . She was joined at Peace and Friendship Ambassadors group  organization when she was 12 years old. She was invited to the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, on the occasion of a seminar on prevention of military weapons.(June, 2014) When she was at UNICEF […]

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Children’s Literature and Art in Iran

Fiction” stories that somebody writes and that are not true Fiction” stories, novels, which describe events and people that are not real. All children are creative; they love stories and communicate with stories very easily. Our brilliant culture is the manifestation of many literary arts such as: Masnavi, Golestan and Sadi, shahnameh, beihaghi, parvin Etesami, […]

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An international Peace and Friendship Ambassador Group will register for the new semester:

🔉🔊 An international Peace and Friendship Ambassador Group will register for the new semester: 🔻learning of epic,reading correctly and reciting of Shahnameh 🔻increasing the vocabularies knowledge 🔻undrestanding the concepts and using a suitable word social communication. 🔻Teaching persian and English languages simultaneously by translation of Shahnameh. 🔻Conceptual understanding of other languages with modern education. 📢 […]

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Ambassador of peace and friendship in the international seminar on women and peace

Mrs. Tayebe Mohammad, chief of ambassadors of peace and friendship, participated in the international seminar on “Women and Peace” in Vienna; Switzerland by invitation of United Nations and introduced his proposal as “Women for land, land for the child” to representatives of other nations. Mrs. Mohammed, as the representative of Iranian women and mothers, offering […]

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Woman for Earth, the Earth for children

Introduction: The life of our earth passes millions of years now. In these years we have seen a lot of events, such as births and deaths. If the earth was able to talk, it would talk about the story of its cliffs which was created layer by layer. The earth with affection accepts the man […]

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